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Media Plus incurs processing fees for every attempt at processing a credit card, even if a credit card is declined. Media Plus takes care to offer extremely competitive pricing on all our products. In doing that, Media Plus cannot absorb extra costs like processing costs for declined credit cards. If a credit card is declined, there will be a 5% surcharge of your order total added to the order to cover these costs. It is imperative that you ensure you enter all the information correctly, including the credit card number, the expiration date, the security code and the name on the card. Any incorrect information could result in a declined credit card. The credit card billing address also must match the address on the order. It is suggested you contact the credit card company and advise the company of the purchase. Many declined cards are the result of fraud protection programs, which purchasing outside normal habits can be a flag. Alerting the credit card company of the purchase decreases greatly the likelihood of a declined credit card.

Production Time:
Product specifications feature an estimated production time. The production time starts when your order reaches the production floor. Prior to that there can be additional time incurred for such things as clarification of your order or special instructions, order entry, requested changes, or order review and proofs. Every effort is made to ship products within the estimated production time. Production volume and stock availability can occasionally factor into the shipping schedule and is subject to variation. The timelines listed online are estimated time lines, not guaranteed time lines. Please be aware that requests for proof changes will delay your order too.We do not include weekends in timelines, so please adjust accordingly.

Picking an expedited shipping designation like 2 day shipping or overnight shipping is a shipping designation ONLY with the shipping carrier and is not related to the production time. Because most of the products sold are constructed of paper, it is recommended you have your order shipped to a location where it can be signed for to avoid a carrier leaving a package in an unprotected environment.

Alternations to Online Defaults:
If you require changes to the default set up of the product as it is featured online, there may be fees added to the cost of the product or individual pieces. Please email change requests to for a quote on any changes you may require prior to purchase.

Replacement Products: Any product imprinted incorrectly due to our error will be reprinted and shipped to our customer. Although we offer this guarantee, we cannot be held responsible for errors due to information entered incorrectly by our customers. Customers must report errors within 7 days of receipt of the order. Claims may require verification before any action will be taken.

Order Entry:
Customers are responsible for their own order entry. If you require Media Plus to enter your order, please be advised there will be an administrative charge for this service based on an hourly rate.

It is recommended that you order a sample of a product before making a purchasing decision. There are many types of invitations and many price points to accommodate a variety of needs for customers. For instance, even if you like a design, you may not like the actual paper. If you have any concerns about the actual printed product, order a sample. Custom printed products will not be refunded after they are approved for print.

Changes to Orders:
Any changes to an order already submitted must be made in writing, either by fax or email. We try to accommodate all requests for changes, however, we serve hundreds of customers, so there may be a delay in attending to this information. Production generally begins immediately so any costs associated with updating an order are the responsibility of the customer. If an order has already been produced and requires a reprint due to a change after an order has been submitted, the cost associated with that reprint is the responsibility of the customer. If you have any concerns about the order you are placing, you are advised to contact our office via email and alert us the order is being submitted and communicate to us what portion(s) of the order you want checked. No changes to an order are accepted via the phone due to the possibility of miscommunication and no refunds or discounts will be offered if an order is deemed incorrect by a customer because changes submitted after and order is received are not communicated in the approved manner.

Proofs are recommended. If you do not order proof(s) of the items, you are leaving the layout of the order to the discretion of the typesetter. No refunds or discounts will be offered if the customer is not satisfied with the layout after the order is printed when proofs are not requested. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the correctness of the typeset material provided. Please be aware that proof approval is your confirmation that you have compared the proofs with what was submitted and have verified the correctness of the proofs. Any overlooked errors become the responsibility of the customer if you approve the proof for print. Proof approvals and/or changes or corrections must be submitted via return email. Please note the colors on emailed proof(s) are not an exact representation of the actual printed ink color, as colors can vary due to the settings of individual computer monitors. Please be aware that because pictures are rendered differently based upon the set up of your monitor, we do not make representations regarding how pictures and the colors associated with those pictures are rendered for the products on our website. If you have any concerns about the actual printed colors or associated items like ink colors, wraps or ribbons, you are advised to order a sample of the product. If you do not order samples, please be advised that no order will be refunded or replaced because a customer is dissatisfied with the product after a proof(s) are approved for print. Because of the custom nature of our business, once you approve an order for print, the order is considered a final sale and will not be accepted for return.

Replacement Products:
Any product imprinted incorrectly due to our error will be reprinted and shipped to the customer. Media Plus has a replacement only policy, not refunds. Although we offer this guarantee, we cannot be held responsible for errors due to information entered incorrectly by our customers. Orders are downloaded from the customer’s order entry so be sure you have reviewed your order closely for misspelled words. Customers must report errors within 7 days of receipt of the order. Claims may require verification, such as photos, before any action will be taken. If you receive a damaged package and the product is damaged, contact Media Plus immediately via email so the carrier can be contacted for a claim. Do not throw away any packaging or items from the shipment in case the carrier wants to verify the damage or pick up the package. If you destroy or throw away any items, Media Plus will not be able to follow through on your claim.

Cancellation of any order will result in charges for all work completed and administrative expenses incurred up to that point.

Customers often mistake the additional 25 pricing as reorder pricing. This is incorrect. Any reorder is charged as a new order, with the corresponding retail pricing. It is recommended you order extra product than what is anticipated for use to avoid costly reorders.

Order Quantity:
Upon receipt of an order, count the items. The order should contain at least the quantity ordered for each item. Sometimes the items received will have uneven quantities due to press overruns. This is normal. These are not shortages, UNLESS you have not received the minimum quantity that you ordered. Any shortage must be reported within 7 days of receipt of an order.
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